Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Monire mose = Hello all (words of greeting given when meeting more than one person).

Monire a mama = Hello (greeting extended to a woman).

Monire a dada = Hello (greeting extended to a man).

Monire a gogo = Hello (to old person).

Muli uli? = How are you?.

Nili makola, kwali imwe? = I’m fine, how about you? (offered in response to “Muli uli”).

Mwatandala uli?. = Good afternoon. (How has your day been?)

Mugone makola = Sleep Well

Usiku uwemi = Good night.

Mwagona uli? = How did you sleep?.

Nauka makola, kwali imwe? = Fine, and you?.

Mwatandara uli? = Second hello of the day (good afternoon, sort of).

Natandara makola, kwali imwe? = I had a fine day, how about you?.

Tawonga chomene = We thank you.

Nawonga chomene = I thank you.

Yewo chomene = Thank you very much. Yewo (abbreviated response used in many situations, may mean “very nice”, “excuse me”, “pardon me”, or “good to see you”).Mwa uka uli? = How is your morning?.

Paweme = Goodbye.Phepani = Sorry.

Phepani chomene = Very sorry.

Chomene = Very.

Imwe = You (plural).Makola = Fine. Muli = You are.

Tili = We are

Nili = I am.

Chizungu = English.

Mzungu = White person.

Nkhuyowoya Chizungu na ChiTumbuka pachoko = I speak English and a littles ChiTumbuka.


Bryce said...

I just ran across your blog (which is wonderful, by the way) and thought you might find this site to be a great resource for teaching and practicing chiTumbuka:

chiTumbuka wiki browser

Ashley Raeside said...

Thanks for this blog!
I have a friend visiting from Mzimba who I haven't seen since I moved back home - and I couldn't for the life of me remember any chiTumbuka! (I didn't live in the North so only learned a few words of it while I was in Malawi.) You've been a great help, and I know my friend will be happy (and surprised) to be greeted by in Canada with familiar words.

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