Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Tumbuka are an ethnic group living in Malawi. God is called Chiuta (in ChiTumbuka), who is all-powerful, omniscient and self-created. He is also a God of rain and fertility.

Tumbuka, like most African languages, has many myths that constitute its cultural heritage. These myths, told around fires late in the evening they are commonly called "Vidokoni" (fictitious stories) have a moral behind them. often to the accompaniment of drumming and choral responses, aim to teach children moral behavior and to entertain.

Most of these myths have been weakened by contact with Western mores, but many have stood the test of changing times.

There are three animals mentioned more than any others in Tumbuka mythology and these are fulu (tortoise), kalulu (hare) and chimbwe (hyena). Fulu is considered the wisest animal, chimbwe the villain and kalulu the clever manipulator who can only be defeated by fulu.

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Could you write something more about these stories, its very interesting. Maybe an example story.

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I am very keen on the story of chimbwe, kalulu and fulu if you know it ...many thanks